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Vedic Maths:


Our ancient mathematics has been renamed as vedic mathematics which was discovered from  our Vedas and the term vedic mathematics was coined by Shri Bharati Krishna Tirthaji (1884-1960). As per his research the vedic mathematics is based on sixteen sutra i.e. word formulae. In the vedic mathematics the mathematical (addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and square roots, etc) tools are very beautifully correlated with each other. In vedic mathematics the complex sums can be easily solved immediately by applying vedic mathematic techniques.
Keeping in view the advantage as well benefits of this technique  in this competitive world we at RGE teach our kids with those techniques where they use techniques to solve the problem .This method also enhances themental capability  along with creative thinking in our kids. In the present era, Now it has been considered as direct, easy and complementary method based mathematics.


Why should you Enroll your child in this Course


 Benefits of Vedic Maths :

1.  This helps to solve the problem 15-20 times faster than the normal solving approach.
2.  This improves the mental ability.
3. This reduces the mental burden i.e  only need to learn the table up to nine only.
4. This program boosts concentration as well as confidence.
5. This provides a zero error in calculation.
6  This program develop Left and Right Sides of your brain by increasing visualization and concentration abilities.
7. Better and Much Improved Academic Performance in school and Instant Results.
8. Anybody preparing for bank exam or another competitive Examination Like Engineering Enterance tests, GRE, GMAT, CAT,NTSE etc.


Duration of Course:

12 Months


Age of Limit for Vedic Maths Course :


Basic for for students in class 5th or Higher,there is no upper age limit for this course.

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