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Frequently Asked Questions ?

>       What  is Abacus ?


Ans.  Abacus is an ancient tool which is used for mathematical calculation  like              addition, subtraction,multiplication, division and decimal calculation.


>       How  RGE’s Abacus is helpful to child ?


Ans. The RGE’s has designed program using international concept based on abacus using as tool to sharpen your child brain by enhancing the mental math’s skill. It is a 360 degree child brain development program which helps the children to improve their creativity, concentration, visualization, memory power, speed & accuracy,learning power capability,  comprehension power,  sense of observation in learning,  intuition power etc.It’s also helpsin visualizing, confidence as well as complex mathematical calculation and also able to do mental maths calculation.

Latest neuro-scientific research have positively confirmed the effectiveness of abacus training.

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